In order to be a good martial artist it takes a lifetime of commitment and a lot of practice. One thing I implore parents to understand is that martial arts is a year round commitment and putting children in too many extra curricular activities can set children up for failure and stress. Extra curricular activities for young children is one of the nest things that a parent can do for their child. It instills good values that young children will take along their life journey. However, there is a huge misconception that martial arts is a seasonal sport like football or baseball, which has off seasons.

Martial art is a year round dedication. Depending on the studio and its size tests for a higher level belt is held every other month to every couple of months. Depending on how much your child practices and remembers, he or she will be given the okay from their instructor to test for the next level.

I have had students, due to another sport they miss a couple of months of classes, come back and train for a month and the parent expects their child to test. When in turn, their child has forgotten a lot of what they had learned. They are not ready to test. Parents, remember, before you set your child up for a fun-filled year, think of how they should progress in each sport that they do.  Which will give them even more sense of accomplishment and be willing to make more long-term goals.


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