If the discipline of martial arts is not your thing, doesn’t mean that you still cannot visit a martial arts studio for a REAL Kardio Kick Boxing class.  Sure you can go to the gym and learn from someone who only has an aerobics background… OROr you could take a class from a martial arts expert that can help you do the moves correctly, so that you can maximize your work out.  I remember one girl took the class and she was a champion gymnast, she said she hurt in places she didn’t know she had.

The studio that I attended, Blossom Hill Ernie Reyes West Coast won a bay area award for the best Kardio Kick Boxing class.  The class is led by Head Instructor Hector Rodriguez. In his classes, he has loud, pumping high energy music and is always yelling at you to work out as hard as you can. You are also required to wear boxing gloves, boxes gloves have weight to them which can range 12 to 16 oz.

After about 20 minutes of a fast paced kardio workout, throughout the week you are rotated through a series of exercises.  These exercises consist of lunges across the room, pad boxing and kicking, weight and resistance bands and help with nutrition.

The studio also does a core fitness challenge throughout the year. This is a commitment you make to eat right all the time and make sure you make it to your work outs.  This also does weekend training like bicycle rides and trail hiking.  Check out there Face Book Page.


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