When it comes to holding a key as a weapon as a form of self-defense some people have actually learned it in the  incorrect way, I would like to clarify this..

If you use your key as a weapon make sure yo do not make the mistake of holding it in between your index and middle fingers. A key is a very dull object, it will not go into human skin easily like a knife.  The force of stabbing someone with keys held in between your fingers will hurt your hand more than it will hurt the predator.  Instead try holding the key like you would a hammer and use a slicing motion when using it as a weapon.  Doing the slicing motion will also create more distance between you and the predator.

Make it a habit to not leave important items in visible site in your car.  For example do not leave school books, purses, gifts, cameras or laptops in the back seat of your car, to where people can see it through your windows.  Since the holiday season is coming up and you will be stopping at an assortment of stores to purchase gifts.  Make it a habit to store your items in the truck of your car.  Think of it more as an out of sight out mind for thieves.


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