A weapon is an extension of your arm, as we say in martial arts. The weapon should never disrupt your normal flow of movement while in use.A weapon is a great tool for martial arts fighting. Not only does it cause more damage  than your fists or feet it creates distance between you and your opponent. One of the first weapons most studios teach are called eskrima. a Filipino fighting art  that uses two equal lengths of bamboo sticks no longer than the length of your arm.  The key of being able to use this weapon efficiently is using the motion of your whole body. If you watch boxing then you know what I am talking about.

A boxer  does not just punch with his arm, he uses his hips and legs which gives him more strength and speed. You apply these same principles when practicing eskrima.

Another reason why I like learning eskrima as a first weapon is because it is practical.  Let’s say that you are out in public some where and you are attacked if you are able to find a stick you can use your eskrima skills on the attacker which is more efficient than just swinging it like a baseball bat.


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