My favorite movie with Bruce Lee is, “The Game of Death.”  I watched that a million times over as a kid.  Bruce Lee was a huge influence on me as a toddler and probably one of my motivations to start martial art training. Bruce Lee has inspired many martial artist even to this day and the martial arts that he created, Jeet Kune Do is taught today.  His speed and precision and the fact that he always came out as the victor when thought to be the underdog, inspired me at a very young age.  I stated martial arts at the age of 3 and I can remember asking my mom to find me shoes like Bruce Lee and I wanted nunchucks just like his too.  I used to carry them inside my coat just like Bruce Lee.  He also gave me a sense of even if you get knocked down, you keep getting up until you cannot get up anymore.

I hope that his memory lives on and he can inspire martial artists for many more years to come.


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