Born to Fight XII tournament- September 25, 2010

Posted: October 24, 2010 in UFC/ Mixed Martail Arts
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Several different schools along with their best fighters arrived to compete at the “Born to Fight Tournament” at Cung Le‘s Universal Strength Headquarters.  Students from American Kickboxing Academy, Cung Le’s students and West Coast World Martial Arts Blossom Hill Team.

This was a chance for amateur fighters to be able to test the skills that they have learned in class and trained for.  Boy, girls, men and women fought, ages ranged from 10 to 40+.  The highlight of the tournament was not the men fighting in the cage, but the women fighting on the mat.  Gloria Telles from West Coast and another girl from Cung Le’s studio fought and turned heads in the place.

The fight started out with the normal bow to the judges to show respect and when it came time for the judge to tell the two fighters to touch gloves the girl from Cung Le’s studio lunged and Gloria, not even touching gloves and took a cheap shot to her face.  That girl ended up getting kicked in the head and thrown on the ground twice.  Even with Gloria holding her ground in a sportsmanship manner she lost the fight and the whole crowd was outraged.

In the end Gloria won third place and the girl that cheated got the same kind of treatment from another person, her coach didn’t like it stopped the fight and left.  I guess that goes to show that cheaters never win.


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